About me

Hi, I’m Kat;


I refer to myself as Ada on this blog, mostly because I like the name (has a sort of old world feel to it) and I don’t like using my real name a lot on the internet. But for those of you who have ventured into this about me section, will find that this is not my real name. *SHOCK* I know, I know. Calm yourselves.

I am a Senior in college, currently majoring in anthropology and archaeology with a minor in art history. I have a loving family (two sisters, a brother, mi madre y padre) with whom I share all my escapades. They support me in whatever harebrained schemes I seem to come up with. My family sort of reminds me of the Weasley family from Harry Potter, but this is why I love them.

I am a single white female, living off the good graces and money of my parents. I have very bad luck with relationships, and have come to the conclusion that “love” is too much work. I think I’ve narrowed it down to a few reasons why I’m still single, though:

A) I’m a narcissist
B) My “people skills” are a little “rusty”
C)  I can’t accept that real people aren’t as pretty as the actors on tv and I won’t settle for anything less than perfection, and
D) I have yet to find a guy who would be cool with a crossdressing, gender bent wedding.

My life is made of several inspirations, one of the biggest being Silent Hill. Sometimes I just walk around all day with my head lost in the morbid world of Akira Yamaoka. Yeah, notice how I say him instead of the creator of the game? That’s because Silent Hill would be NOTHING without the music he supplies for it. He is the one who made the game so popular. Don’t get me wrong though, Team Silent is still honored in my heart. /Silent Hill fangirl rant

By deadcamper

Let’s talk about Zombies for a minute. There are only two kinds of people in this world. (And no, I don’t mean those who are zombies and those who are survivors) There are those people who believe in zombies and are preparing themselves mentally and physically for when they strike, and there are those who laugh at the idea of the walking dead. Let me just say that, when the zombies come (AND THEY WILL COME), I’ll be the one riding shotgun, with a shotgun, making sure that my family and friends are the ones who will reign victorious.

Well, there’s my ABOUT ME page for you. I hope you now realize just how insane I really am.


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